Freedom Communications
  • We offer an efficient, low cost, yet valuable service for all your telecommunications needs!

  • Our Services are valuable to you…

    ... Because we answer your phone in a positive courteous way. Your callers will receive the personal and professional attention they deserve anytime they choose to call. This allows you to concentrate on other important matters knowing that your phone is always answered... even when you are relaxing!

    Your messages are recorded accurately for time and content, then held in confidence at one location for your check-in call.


    We will customize our service to fit your personal requirements, all for a low monthly fee!


    Let us handle those small but important details that can take up your valuable time. If you instruct us, we can even deliver your messages to that special caller, or let them know when you will return. If you prefer, we can let them know where you may be reached.
  • Freedom Communications is celebrating our 30th Anniversary!

    Freedom Communications is not a large Call Center. We are an owner-run business, celebrating our 30 year anniversary.
  • We offer you specialized services!

    • No time charges!
    • Save money!
  • When can we answer for you?

    You tell us! We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.
  • An efficient, low cost service

    We provide a trained, professional telephone receptionist to handle your communications when you are not available.
  • Contact us at (262) 367-1700 now!

Freedom Communications